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Authors note: it contains little language, it's a little graphic, and this is a short horror story it might not be good but this is something I'm trying out please tell me what you think in the comments or notes. enjoy

It was a late even the sun is about to set, with a bright orange glow to make anything beautiful, as I was walking home I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see. I saw a man slump over someone or something holding what looks like a knife, when I screamed “hey get away from her” he stared at me but he was wearing a hood so I couldn’t see his face he dropped the knife and ran. I didn’t chase after him I was to concern with the person lying in cold blood, I tried to find a pulse I couldn’t find one so my instant reaction was calling 911 but my goddamn phone was dead, so I started screaming “help, anyone, please help”.

I couldn’t just sit there while she was dying so I set her down and started running to find someone to help, I caught someone’s attention with my bloody clothes I said in a rush “quick give me your phone, someone is dying if she doesn’t help quick she might die!!!!” out of the rush the lady quickly took out her phone she dialed 911. When the police came to the scene I told them what happened and I was the only one who noticed it, two officers came up to me and asked me again what happened I told them I already answered them but they stared at each other and looked back at me they said we are with a different department and they gave them my side of the story. They didn’t say anything just looked at each other like they are reading each other minds after two minutes of silence and sirens a officer said the body wasn’t there. I screamed,


    “Actually” one of the officers start to talk

    “We already took it.”
    "Why?" out of curiosity

    "We had a call twenty minutes earlier before you called 911."

    "Well how come i didn't hear guys."

    "We came at the same time they arrived but we took the body, and we would also like if you came with us."

    "Why?" I ask again, but this time concerned

    "We believe you killed her."

    "THAT'S BULLSHIT" I screamed
    "Well we have witnesses saying you stabbed her."  

I was getting pissed and then I kept on screaming saying that’s bullshit I would never do that, both of the officers grabbed my arms saying my Miranda rights, in my head I’m saying, “OH GOD WHY ME, WHY ME”.

When we got to the department they put me in cuffs so I wouldn’t start throwing fist, as we went inside I see a woman pointing at me and saying, “THAT’S HIM THAT’S THE GUY WHO KILLED HER” I was scared out of my mind. I was sitting in the place where they start questioning the suspects one of the police officers came in and said,

     “So you think you are very clever”

     “What, look listen I saw someone stab someone or something I yelled and said get away from her he looked at me and ran.”

     “Did you see the face?”

     “NO, no I didn’t, I rushed to her and tried to help her.”

The officer got up and exited the room, when he came back he told me that there are always two stories but the one that I was telling is fantasy, I kept on denying that I did something to her. Hell I didn’t even know her, I told the officer,

      “Are you sure? Because witnesses saw you being little lovey-dovey with her” he said trying to break me

      “I’m sure” I said

      “We’ll investigate this but we want you to stay overnight”

As the officer put me in the cell I started freaking out, I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty, I keep repeating to myself there was a sink I went to the sink and started getting rid of the blood that was still on my hands as I looked at the mirror, my reflection was smiling at me and I wasn't smiling, my reflection started talking,

       “You did very well at killing your girlfriend or should I saw our girlfriend”

       “Shut up, shut up I didn't kill anybody”

       “You didn't, then why is there blood on your hands?”

       “I have blood on my hands because I was trying to save her”

       “We both know that’s not happened”

 After he said that I started getting images in my head with that gruesome scene, but instead of me helping her, it showed me killing her with the knife that I saw that killer with, when I was done stabbing the victim I see another me it was like a dream everything is not right. The other me said,

    “That felt good, didn't it?”

    “NO” I screamed

    “Well, if that didn't make you feel good then why did you stab her repeatedly through her chest and stomach?”

    “That wasn't me.”

    “Oh, but it was you and me, the thing is I’m your other identity.”


    “Oh, don’t act so fucking stupid, it’s this thing called personality disorder, I’m the other half of you but you don’t know it because you are too stupid to function.”


When I got to the real world I looked back in the mirror to see if anything changed, nothing changed I still can see my other “personality” mocking me. I pleaded how I can make this end, the other me told me to grab that blanket, that was on the bed, and tight it around my neck and end it right now and forever. I told him I wasn’t that desperate, but he did have point if I end it now my problems would go away, I asked him is there a way to get rid of him he said,

    “Yea, two ways, one, kill yourself or two, live in a padded room in jail, because either way you are well we are going to die a very painful, death.”

As he said that there is no escape of this hell, so I grabbed the sheet tied it to the light that was hanging from my cell and made a noose, I put it around my neck and stared at the mirror were my other personality was staring at me and said,

                “Nice choice.”


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i love everything but also hate everything

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